In the Fire of Cthulhu

Session Two

The Window

The group meets Lucille Gordon, the source of the heavy breathing in the cellar. J.L., as he stands by himself on the other side of the room, hears a noise like claws scratching on the ground and sees a shadow dart from the corner of his eye. He urges the group to leave the cellar. Natalie attempts to push the trapdoor open but finds that it won’t budge. The rest of the investigators, now joined by Lucille, begin pushing on the door with Natalie. As the group pushes, they are unaware that in the cupboard beneath the stairs, Maribelle James is removing the felled chest of drawers from atop the trapdoor. It takes her a few tries, but along with the rest of the group’s effort, the chest of drawers slides off the trapdoor and the investigators are freed from the cellar. The investigators scramble out and are joined by Maribelle. As the group of investigators talks amongst each other, the women notice that it is now daybreak. The sound of heavy furniture being moved on the second floor is heard again. Thad believes it would be best to leave the house immediately while Reginald thinks he should investigate the sound to prove that it’s nothing to worry about. Reginald and J.L. go upstairs and find the door in front of them to be ajar. Entering the room, they find it is the master bedroom and is just as perfect as the rest of the house, sans the cellar, has looked. However, there is one thing amiss: an open window just to the right of the bed. The two decide to try and close the window. They find it impossible as the window is stuck. While leaning over, trying with all their might to close it, the wardrobe located on the wall to the right of the bedroom door flies forward and its door swings open, knocking Reginald out of the window and to the yard below.

Due to the fact that he witnessed the event firsthand, J.L. enters a state of temporary insanity and becomes catatonic. The group that stayed downstairs is alarmed by Reginald’s screams as he falls through the air before hitting the ground. The group rushes to the window to see Reginald lying on the lawn. Thad and Maribelle run out of the house and go to Reginald. Natalie goes upstairs to find the catatonic J.L. sitting against the wall. Reginald states that he believes there’s something wrong with his leg due to the immense pain he is feeling. Lucille finds a first aid kit in the kitchen and brings it out to try and mend what she can on Reginald. She looks him over and deduces that he has a broken leg before taking two pieces of wood and makes a splint for Reginald’s leg. Thad states that he thinks they should bring him to the police station and get a ride from Officer Waterton to the hospital. He picks up the injured Reginald only to stand, holding him, while arguing with Maribelle. By the time he decides to move on with his plan, he finds he can no longer carry all of Reginald’s weight and must set him on his feet. Thad and Reginald, followed by Maribelle and Lucille, begin the trek to the police station. Natalie along with the catatonic J.L. leave the house and follow the rest of the group.

The investigators arrive at the police station and Natalie enters to seek out Officer Waterton. Upon being told of the current situation, he urges the group to follow him to his automobile. Due to the fact that there is only room enough for six people, Maribelle is forced to sit on Thad’s lap for the duration of the ride to the hospital. Officer Waterton wastes no time once the group arrives at the hospital, running in and returning with nurses who whisk Reginald away in a wheelchair. Maribelle thinks and talks fast as the group is stopped by a nurse who informs them that only family is allowed to go back with him. She tells the nurse the Reginald is her father. Thankfully, the nurse believes her and allows her to go back. Before leaving, Maribelle decides to try and get J.L. permission to go as well by saying that he is her husband. The nurse does not believe this lie however and simply states that only blood relatives are allowed. Maribelle leaves the group and rushes to catch up with Reginald.

Lucille and the rest of the investigators are then interviewed by the nurse and Officer Waterton to find out what exactly happened. Once the interview is finished, the group sits in the waiting room. It isn’t long before they hear music. The source of the music, a guitar player named May, shortly appears and introduces herself to the group. Lucille believes that May is a mental patient all the while. The investigators are shortly joined by Maribelle after she was sent by Reginald to investigate the music.


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