In the Fire of Cthulhu

Session One

The Cellar

So far the investigators have arrived in Briartown and were brought to the Delmars’ house by Officer Waterton. Upon entering the house, the investigators hear what appears to be footsteps on the second floor. They enter and turn on what lights they can find only to see that the house is in immaculate condition, sans the dust. A sound like heavy furniture scraping across the floor on the second floor causes the investigators to be on their guard. The investigators wander out of the living room into a hall in which they find the staircase with a cupboard beneath it. Seeing the locked cupboard, the investigators decide to pick the lock and see what’s inside. They find a trap door, and J.L. finds the light switch (J.L. x lightswitch), and decide to open it. Upon opening the door, a flurry of bats flies out leaving Reginald with a few minor scratches. The investigators then brave the dark with another match as they descend into the cellar. They find rows of shelves with jars filled with strange objects and viscous liquid within. Thad finds one filled with tailless salamanders and the group begins to talk about witchcraft. Reginald notices that the trap door, which they left open, is now closed. As the investigators talk, they don’t hear the sound of scraping coming from the cupboard above them. They are startled by a loud thud. Shortly after, the investigators hear the clinking of glass jars knocking against each other before one falls and shatters on the ground on the other side of the room. Thad hears heavy breathing coming from where the glass just broke and goes to investigate it.


caliginousfay caliginousfay

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